Some of the common symptoms like imbalance, vertigo [room spinning), dizziness, motion sickness, travel fear, anxiety, unsteadiness while walking could be the symptoms of BPPV, and you could possibly be suffering from BPPV.

It is a vestibular system disorder affecting balance & coordination of your head and eye movements.

The good news is your problem can be treated by a vestibular rehabilitation a specialised branch of physiotherapy. You shall be Rest assured that our  Shanthi Priya Physiotherapy team will be able to help ease your concerns.

Some of Our physiotherapists at  Shanthi Priya Physiotherapy are specially trained and certified to treat patients with vestibular and balance disorders.

Vestibular Rehabilitation commences with a detailed physiotherapy assessment.  Vestibular exercises are then individually tailored for each patient based on the initial assessment findings.

Once your diagnosis is confirmed, our physios will perform specific manoeuvres and procedures to re-calibrate the vestibular balance system. You will also be prescribed exercises to reduce dizziness (habituation exercises) and coordination exercises (gaze-stability exercises).

Most patients do recover with one or two sessions while some others may take multiple session depending upon the severity and chronicity of the conditions.

 If dizziness is a problem, pick your phone and call us now.

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